We’re the utility industry’s Capacity for Change – and so are you

At Innovari, we don’t just dream of a better future; we’re building one. We’re improving how the world uses energy. We understand utilities, regulators, and customers need a vehicle enabling mutually beneficial collaboration. We are that vehicle. We are innovators, providing the utility industry’s Capacity for Change™.

It all begins with our Interactive Energy Platform™, which empowers utilities and their customers to become allies in increased grid performance, affordable and reliable energy, and community improvement.

On this platform, we’ve built solutions to solve some of the world’s greatest energy challenges – including innovative ways to:

  • Improve the overall system utilization, reliability, and security of one of the most fundamental societal needs – the electric grid;
  • Strengthen relationships among utilities, their customers, their regulators, and their communities;
  • Offer utility customers an unparalleled degree of control over service customization and energy management; and
  • Provide utilities with powerful tools to improve their financial performance, while improving customers’ bottom lines and exceeding their expectations.

A key part of our world’s future is our children. Innovari’s nonprofit organization, Plugged Into Kids™, creates a unique opportunity for utilities and customers to direct cost savings realized from their programs into local organizations that tackle some of the greatest challenges facing children in the communities where they do business.

We hope you’ll become a part of our bright future.