Powering a brighter future for our communities

We’re committed to making the world a better place, and that starts with the communities where we live and work. Our solutions improve the performance of society’s largest – and perhaps most important – asset: the electric grid. Working with utilities, we help improve grid efficiency to reduce greenhouse gas emissions and promote healthier air; ensure lower long-term energy costs so that everyone has affordable power; and improve power reliability, which is critical for every modern economy.

Going above and beyond, Innovari has created Plugged into Kids™, a nonprofit organization that provides funding to other non-profits tackling the biggest challenges facing children. Not only do we make it easy for utilities and their customers to contribute, but we make it a smart financial decision. Plugged into Kids offers participating utilities and their customers opportunities to fund:

  • Community Programs, including science centers, museums, recreational centers, educational facilities, and more.
  • Educational Programs, including computer labs, after-school programs, and tutoring.
  • Community Awareness and Outreach Programs, including health and wellness, children’s hospitals, environmental awareness, and even energy awareness.

These programs will be tailored to the needs of each participating community. Where such programs already exist, we identify them and enable funding and grant matching, which provides possible tax benefits for utilities and customers.