Why utilities choose Innovari

We are tireless innovators. Our team has hundreds of years of combined experience solving utility problems. We joined forces in 2011 to build a utility-centric business that helps utilities better serve, and create mutually beneficial partnerships with, their commercial energy customers. Since that time, we’ve implemented our technology with both U.S. and global utilities and acquired strategic companies and partners to help us fulfill our core mission: improving overall system utilization.

Here’s what sets us apart:

  • Our business model: We understand how utilities operate. We provide electric utilities with future-ready, rate-based, utility-owned assets that work within regulated or deregulated business models and with no requirement for additional regulatory approval.
  • A true capacity solution: Our solution attacks the grid’s core problem – the load duration curve – and unlocks access to affordable capacity when and where utilities need it most, not just during peak periods.
  • Our leadership:  Our team is made up of industry veterans. We have earned our experience in the utility trenches and served as executives to help our utilities be successful.
  • Our technology: Our patented, field-tested and proven technology offers revolutionary, two-way-communications and real-time, verifiable load control down to the customer level – ensuring the capacity we deliver can be a real, cost-effective part of managing the grid day-to-day.  It is scalable, secure, and built to exceed NERC-CIP standards.
  • Our global footprint: We have customers and partners all over the world – from North and South America to India and the Middle East.