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Innovari is a technology platform company dedicated to serving the utility industry to provide a cleaner, more reliable and more efficient energy future for all of mankind.

Innovari has created a unique, and first of its kind, advanced platform that is allowing utilities to build the grid of the future in partnership with their customers and communities. In today’s world, electricity is a fundamental human need and drives the success of everything we do every day. Utilities have the daunting responsibility of operating the most complex machine man has ever built while enabling it evolve to include new distributed resources in partnership with their customers. Innovari is their partner in this effort.

Innovari is always looking for talent for the following positions, throughout the world:

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Competitive Benefits for Today’s World

Innovari offers a great benefits package to all full-time employees. 

• Pre-IPO stock options
• Health insurance at no cost to employees and low cost for families with a variety of options
• Unlimited Personal Time Off for salaried employees
• 4 weeks Personal Time Off for hourly employees
• 401K for all eligible employees
• 10 paid holidays per year
• Flexible schedule and work from home options

(These are standard benefits in the U.S. Some benefits may vary in locations outside the U.S.)

Opportunities for Career Growth

Innovari is a rapidly growing company that serves one of the most important industries in the country – the electricity industry. Our advanced technology solution utilizes big-data, analytics and artificial intelligence to provide utilities with a platform to meet the electricity demands of society as the grid evolves and more wind, solar and other distributed energy resources are integrated into the grid. Our team is comprised of a diverse group of people in important disciplines, from technology development to field operations to customer management, as well as those roles essential to the everyday business performance of the company.

As we evolve and expand, and our business structure matures, we’ll need to fill out new positions with talented and insightful people that understand our business and the industry we serve every day. For us it makes the most sense to assess the potential of the people we already have on the team to fill those new positions. Our focus is to hire proficient people that want to be part of helping to transform lives through the continuous access to electricity throughout the world.

Our Home is in Portland, Oregon (Hillsboro HQ)

Innovari is a high-tech company headquartered in Portland, Oregon and offers a platform for utilities to build the grid of the future in partnership with their customers and communities. The company is pleased to call Portland home as it is an ideal place to live and work. It is recognized as one of the most environmentally friendly or green cities in the world and has been a Top 5 city for high-wage job growth, rising levels of educational attainment and household income gains. It also stands out for its quality of life, with numerous colleges and universities, street fairs, beer and wine festivals, dances and live music, various conventions, movies in the park and farmers markets.

The area also has a great enthusiasm for coffee and is the home of Major League Soccer and National Basketball Association professional franchises. Key outdoor experiences can also include a visit to Mt. Tabor or Mt. Hood, or even a drive to the Oregon coast.

Portland, Oregon Skyline

Mt. Hood, Portland, Oregon

An Exciting Time to Serve in an Important Industry: Electricity

Innovari serves in one of the most important industries in the world – electricity. How important is electricity to society? Think of how you live on any given day. Electricity is no longer a luxury item or something to aspire to; it is a fundamental human need.

Innovari was established by utility industry insiders to enable utilities to carry out their service mission to society. The company believes there is an important, transformative value in bringing electric power to all mankind. We believe that the responsibility of operating and evolving complex electric grids resides with utilities, and we exist to help them in that mission.

Throughout history, the electricity industry has evolved with the needs of society. Today we are taking part in the next big historic evolution of our grid. The challenge now is the integration and impact that distributed energy resources, such as wind and solar power, are having on our grid systems and business models. At stake are the most fundamental relationships we maintain with our customers and the communities we serve.

Our company is playing a role in this transformation today. We have been working diligently to create opportunities to address distributed energy resources and improve the utility/customer/community relationship now and into the future. We have honed our solution to make it one of the most promising, unique and easily integrated tool sets available. Our focus enables our utility partners to connect the dots of various resources through partnerships that will enhance the performance of the grid for the benefit of all. Our industry spends every day focused on delivering reliable, safe electricity and is deliberate in how it is accomplished.

We are the custodians of the most critical infrastructure that exists for the success of mankind. There has never been a better time to be part of this industry.

Our Most Important Ambassadors: Our Employees

Innovari employees all over the world are the most important ambassadors for the company. They are highly engaged in driving the success of our growing company. When you consider opportunities at Innovari, think of what our employees say about the company and their role in it:

  • Utility projects on 4 continents
  • 15 utility partners
  • 4 utility projects in the U.S., 3 more expected by End of 2017
  • Contract announcement with a top 5 US utility – Fall 2017
  • Previously Announced Projects:
    • US:  KCP&L
    • LatAm:  ENSA (Panama), EmCali (Columbia)
    • Asia:  Reliance (India), CESC (India), Bescom (India)
    • EMEA:  KCETAS (Turkey)
  • >200 MW of contracts
  • 4 of top 8 U.S. retailers in Innovari/utility capacity programs
  • 115 global employees, 200+ including contractors
  • Headquarters – Portland, Oregon
  • Manufacturing in Austin, TX and Taipei, Taiwan