The power is in your hands

It’s possible you’ve participated in demand side management or demand response programs that didn’t quite deliver on their promises – or provide you with any flexibility or control. At Innovari, we provide utilities with solutions to better serve you – putting your needs front and center. Now, you can benefit from energy- and money-saving opportunities tailored to your exact business needs.

Here’s how:

  • Control your participation: With Innovari, you can easily customize or modify your level of participation in utility demand side management programs – or even opt out – at any time. When you join our programs, we will show you how to get the most out of participation in helping to improve the way the grid operates.
  • Set it, forget it: Our Innovari team works very closely with our clients to test and set your energy management preferences so you can forget about them, reaping the rewards of improved scheduling and additional control without any impact to your daily operations. No more running around adjusting your thermostat or lighting during a load management “event”; our dispatch events are completely automated.
  • Enjoy more customized services: With the utility-installed Innovari Energy Agent™ and interactive Customer Portal™ at your place of business, the reporting and analytics features of the Energy Agent results in the utility intimately understanding your energy use and needs. This makes it possible for them to create customized energy- and money-saving programs tailored for your exact business requirements.
  • Improved choices and access to new programs: We’ll perform a free site and eligibility assessment prior to enrollment. We’ll report any problems (i.e., HVAC systems in need of repair) directly to you so you can proactively make improvements. And, with more knowledge of the equipment you have on site, utilities can better serve you with targeted rebate information to help you improve building energy efficiency and save now and into the future.
  • Ease of Installation: We coordinate technical issues, such as equipment installation (if required) and integration with building automation systems, including the install of secure wireless gateways and metering equipment.
  • Efficient financial transactions: We submit settlements to the power grid operator or utility in a timely manner. In addition, we promptly reconcile payments from the power grid operator and forward the payments to you via electronic transfer for a seamless transaction saving you time and ensuring accuracy.

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