Innovari Expands Global Reach With Grid Optimization Project For Turkish Utility

Innovari Expands Global Reach With Grid Optimization Project For Turkish Utility

KCETAŞ to deploy Innovari technology to unlock capacity and improve utilization of its power grid, supporting economic growth for region

AUSTIN, Texas (June 23, 2015) – Interactive energy platform developer Innovari has been selected for a grid optimization pilot with Turkish utility Kayseri ve Civarı Elektrik Türk A.Ş. (KCETAŞ).

Innovari’s Interactive Energy Platform™ (IEP) will help KCETAŞ integrate edge-of-grid resources to improve grid performance, increase system utilization and reduce technical system losses for greater grid efficiency and power reliability. Innovari’s entry into the growing Turkish market is the latest in a string of global contracts and expansion by Innovari, which now has active deployments in seven countries across four continents.

Turkey houses the sixth-largest economy in the world and has doubled its electricity consumption since 2002, trailing only China in its increasing rate of demand for electricity. Demand is especially strong among KCETAŞ’ commercial and industrial customers. By connecting its IEP to commercial and industrial buildings in Kayseri, Innovari will help KCETAŞ unlock affordable demand-side capacity to help the utility meet growing demand for energy. The platform will deliver two-way verifiable demand side management, grid system monitoring and intelligence to decrease line losses and improve grid efficiency. It strengthens the utility’s relationship with its customers by delivering increased system reliability.

“Turkey is a new market for Innovari and we’re pleased to be working with a progressive utility like KCETAŞ,” said Innovari Executive Vice President Ed Solar. “We will demonstrate to KCETAŞ that our IEP provides a reliable and trusted resource and grid optimization solution to improve grid utilization and performance. Our program with KCETAŞ marks another step in establishing Innovari’s global presence. With active deployments in Europe, Asia, South America and North America, our IEP has shown the versatility and ability to deliver value in established, growing and emerging markets.”


About Innovari:

Innovari’s interactive energy platform connects utilities, their customers, and their communities to improve how the world uses energy. Our solution attacks the electric grid’s core problem—the load duration curve—unlocking access to affordable capacity that improves system utilization, reliability, and financial performance, while our non-profit, Plugged into Kids, brings together utilities and their customers to help the children in their communities. With deep grid situational awareness, we enable dynamic, two-way verifiable demand side management; grid system optimization; renewable and distributed energy resources integration; and more. Innovari is the utility industry’s Capacity for Change: Innovari is a VantagePoint Capital Partners Energy Innovations Portfolio Company:

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