We provide:


Two-way communications; real-time verifiable load control

Our solutions transform the electric grid into one that is dynamic and connected – one that provides utilities with real-time, verifiable information about energy use and load control, from generation to consumption.

Load Curve Agility

Our solutions unlock access to generation-quality capacity exactly when and where utilities need it – improving total system utilization, reliability, and security. In doing so, we improve overall grid performance by optimizing utilities’ transmission, distribution, and generation assets.




Maximizing benefits across the value chain:



Optimized System Utilization

Our mission is to improve total system utilization. We do it by providing utilities with cost-effective capacity when and where they need it to deliver financial, reliability, and efficiency improvements across the entire energy value chain.


Improved power grid reliability and security

Our solutions provide real-time, deep situational awareness into the grid – helping to reduce the likelihood and duration of power outages to optimize performance and customer satisfaction. And we do it with technologies built to exceed NERC-CIP standards.



Strengthened customer and community relationships

Our solutions help utilities empower and engage their valuable commercial and industrial customers by enabling unprecedented levels of service customization. Going one step farther, Innovari’s non-profit organization, Plugged into Kids™, provides the vehicle for utilities and their customers to work together and support children in their community.


Increased utility financial performance

Our Interactive Energy Platform™ is built on a foundation of utility-owned, rate-based assets that deliver a rate of return for utilities’ demand side investments and help optimize their annual spend on capital infrastructure.





We understand how utilities operate. We provide electric utilities with future-ready, rate-based, utility-owned assets that work within regulated or deregulated business models and with no requirement for additional regulatory approval.