Innovari’s interactive energy platform connects utilities, their customers, and their communities to improve how the world uses energy.



We recognize the challenges facing regulators to serve both customers and utilities in an ever-changing political, legislative, and technological landscape. Utility regulators must make decisions that provide customers with safe, reliable, cost-efficient energy while also considering the long term financial health of the utility so that it can continue to provide service for its customers. Our Interactive Energy Platform is designed to enable the utility and its customers to work together to create a more effective utility plan leveraging existing regulations for all constituents. We are rebuilding the bridges between these three stakeholders (Customers, Utility, and Regulators) to create an optimized grid.

Regulator Graphic


Our solution is designed to improve collaboration with all stakeholders so regulators can be more at ease knowing everyone has a voice and receives the full benefits an optimized grid provides.

  • Partnership between the utility and its customers. Utility and customer interests are aligned and mutually benefit from dynamic and automated demand side management that allows the grid to be optimized by operators in real time.
  • Regulatory equivalent to peaking generation assets. Our solution is designed to the same high standards of operational performance of a peaking power plant. Technical equivalency allows existing regulatory frameworks to be utilized for more effective cost recovery using known methods instead of having to create new ones.
  • Future-ready. Technology is constantly changing. And fast. Being ready for tomorrow’s advanced applications on top of addressing today’s urgent problems is critical. Our solution is designed to support the rapid changes occurring at the edge of the grid, including the ability to reliably incorporate both distributed and central station renewables.

We are innovators, providing the utility industry’s Capacity for Change™.


July 2014:   Creating A Regulatory Framework For Demand-Side Investment Equivalent To Generation & Grid InvestmentsAkin Gump