Reliance Infrastructure & Innovari Expansion Plans

Reliance Infrastructure & Innovari Expansion Plans


AUSTIN, Texas, June 17, 2014 –Interactive energy platform developer Innovari announced today that it has completed deployment of its pilot project in India with Reliance Infrastructure Limited (RInfra) in Mumbai. Innovari is planning with RInfra for an expansion project between 100MW-150MW. RInfra is India’s largest private sector power utility serving 9 million consumers.

The planning follows the success of an ongoing Innovari pilot project in Mumbai that was funded by a U.S. Trade Development Agency grant. Founded in 2011, the Austin-based company has built its interactive energy platform to allow utilities and their customers to work together to improve how the world uses energy. With Innovari, RInfra customers have partnered with the utility to support automated demand side management programs that increase system reliability and improve overall system utilization.

Innovari CEO Chris Hickman remarked, “We’re excited about our success to date with Reliance and that our interactive energy platform has provided them the capacity to change the way they serve customers for the better, while delivering generation-quality, dispatchable capacity to system operators at the touch of a button. Capacity that is verifiable in real time to the operator so it can become a truly trusted part of their utility operations.”

Innovari’s patented technology includes utility-owned Innovari Energy Agent™ devices installed at customer sites. Innovari connects HVAC, lighting systems, large loads, distributed energy resources and energy storage technologies with utility systems to deliver two-way verifiable control within parameters voluntarily established by end-customers. The utility enjoys the benefits of unprecedented load curve agility, while the end-customers gain the benefits of real-time visibility and control into their energy usage and lower energy costs. Innovari’s programs benefit all stakeholders by helping utilities improve overall system utilization and reliability.

R. R. Mehta, CEO, Reliance Infrastructure said, “We are pleased with the ongoing deployment of Innovari’s Interactive Energy Solution™ to our consumers in Mumbai who can now better manage their energy use and reduce waste at premises, while supporting our country’s need to more effectively manage energy demand and improve overall system utilization and reliability for all customers. With this program, our commercial and industrial customers will become our partners in creating a truly optimized power grid for all customers while realizing significant savings and improved electrical performance.”


Reliance Infrastructure, Ltd, a part of Reliance Group, is India’s leading utility company having presence across the value chain of power business including generation, transmission, distribution, EPC and trading. Reliance Infrastructure is the largest infrastructure company developing projects in all high growth areas in the infrastructure sector including roads, highways, metro rails, airports and specialty real estate. For more information visit:


Innovari’s Interactive Energy Platform™ connects utilities, their customers, and their communities to improve how the world uses energy.  Our solution attacks the electric grid’s core problem—the load duration curve—unlocking access to affordable capacity that improves system utilization, reliability, and financial performance, while our non-profit, Plugged into Kids™, brings together utilities and their customers to help the children in their communities. With deep grid situational awareness, we enable dynamic, two-way verifiable demand side management; grid system optimization; renewable and distributed energy resources integration; and more. Innovari is the utility industry’s Capacity for Change™.

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