Security Technology for the Interactive Energy Platform

One of the biggest challenges all industries face is security. Without proper security, all the systems people and businesses rely on every day across the course of life would be vulnerable to incapacitation.

Our Interactive Energy Platform™ (IEP™) uses artificial intelligence, big-data analytics, proprietary optimization routines and deep knowledge of the utility business to deliver capacity and address demand variables for utilities. The virtual power plant system is enabled through energy agents. They are a key tool in the capacity aggregation process and are attached to consumer and industrial buildings to provide important energy information back to the utility. This intelligent system utilizes Identity Defined Networking (IDN) from Tempered Networks, the world’s first solution that unifies networking and security based on cryptographic identities.

The IDN system uses the host identity protocol (HIP), where the host name is encrypted. HIP is an open IETF standard that fixes the broken trust model of current IP networking, by introducing cryptographic identities and a new secure namespace. HIP was initially developed to solve secure networking issues for the U.S. Department of Defense for highly sensitive communications. Shortly thereafter, it was embraced by a global aerospace company and then released into commercial production. Today, HIP and IDN is being adopted in a variety of industries.

Why HIP? Today, IP addresses and host identities have become practically the same, which makes systems vulnerable to attack. This technology resolves that dilemma as it masks (cloaks) the location of the host. Since the host is cloaked and invisible, it cannot be hacked. Innovari associates this as military-grade security.

The IEP system utilizes a vast amount of data to deliver value to utilities. Innovari is utilizing the IDN secure networking technology for every piece of data related to the IEP that crosses the internet in any way. Additionally, utilities have the option to use the IDN system if they connect to the Innovari data center. Security is especially important for the Innovari energy agents; typically they are installed in commercial buildings where they may occupy an unsecured space. Innovari would have limited or no control over who could access a room with an agent in it. With IDN, if a bad actor were to gain access to the data center, he would have zero visibility that the agent is even there.

Intelligent systems are continuously evolving and our organization is committed to maintaining leading edge security across our technology footprint into the future. The IDN technology is simple to use, is highly scalable, and can grow with the IEP system, which is also scalable to meet a utility’s needs.

  • Utility projects on 4 continents
  • 15 utility partners
  • 4 utility projects in the U.S., 3 more expected by End of 2017
  • Contract announcement with a top 5 US utility – Fall 2017
  • Previously Announced Projects:
    • US:  KCP&L
    • LatAm:  ENSA (Panama), EmCali (Columbia)
    • Asia:  Reliance (India), CESC (India), Bescom (India)
    • EMEA:  KCETAS (Turkey)
  • >200 MW of contracts
  • 4 of top 8 U.S. retailers in Innovari/utility capacity programs
  • 115 global employees, 200+ including contractors
  • Headquarters – Portland, Oregon
  • Manufacturing in Austin, TX and Taipei, Taiwan