Innovari Interactive Energy Platform

Innovari has created a unique, and first of its kind, advanced technology platform that is allowing utilities to build the grid of the future in partnership with their customers and communities. The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform ™ (IEP) helps utility companies manage and deliver reliable, affordable energy in real time in a brand new way. The system uses artificial intelligence, big-data analytics, proprietary optimization routines and deep knowledge of the utility business to optimize the entire energy value chain. The IEP helps utilities address important evolutions in the electric industry – Connected Customers; Virtual Power Plant; System Optimization and DER Management.

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Connected Customers

Connected customers are disrupting and changing legacy industries. Platform providers in retail, transportation delivery and overnight lodging are transforming entire industries via connected partnerships with their customers. They empower their customers with real time access to products and services and literally give consumers control in the palm of their hand. The utility industry has a similar opportunity to transform their relationship with their customers and avoid erosion by outside entities.  The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform allows two-way connection to resources on the customer side of the meter.  By controlling these resources, in partnership with their customers, utilities can create an optimized grid for all.

Virtual Power Plant (VPP)

As the electric grid evolves, utilities must be able to harness both active (distributed generation) and passive (load management) resources at the edge of the grid to meet future capacity requirements. It is critical that they have real time access to those resources.  Innovari’s Interactive Energy Platform functions as a Virtual Power Plant by aggregating edge of grid resources to the utility control room via a two-way closed loop control system, which can be dispatched when and where they are needed. The utility, in partnership with their customers, can access those resources and dramatically improve the efficiency and optimization of the entire energy value chain.

System Optimization

Utilities can drive 15-20 percent improvement in electric system utilization by managing active and passive loads at the edge of the grid. The utility is the only entity that can drive this improvement as they are the singular stakeholder that is charged with optimizing the entire energy value chain. Utilities can utilize these resources to provide non-wires alternatives to traditional substation upgrades and feeder reconductoring projects. The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform provides both system-wide and precision dispatch of resources enabling the optimization across all segments including generation, transmission, distribution and customer experience.

Distributed Energy Resources Management System

As the electric grid evolves, utilities must have access and control over edge of grid resources to manage the entire energy value chain. By managing both active and passive loads, such as distributed generation and demand-side management, utilities can optimize the system for all stakeholders. To manage these resources efficiently, utilities must have near real-time control and monitoring. The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform (IEP) provides control over these resources via two-way connectivity and a closed-loop control platform.

With the IEP, utilities can manage distributed energy resources with building or feeder loads as well as dispatchable standby generators. The system also offers the capability to enable edge of grid technologies as well as to manage photovoltaic intermittency. Using the IEP, utilities can control their energy storage systems by optimizing phase balance and feeder efficiency. The system will also help to improve customer reliability.

  • Utility projects on 4 continents
  • 15 utility partners
  • 4 utility projects in the U.S., 3 more expected by End of 2017
  • Contract announcement with a top 5 US utility – Fall 2017
  • Previously Announced Projects:
    • US:  KCP&L
    • LatAm:  ENSA (Panama), EmCali (Columbia)
    • Asia:  Reliance (India), CESC (India), Bescom (India)
    • EMEA:  KCETAS (Turkey)
  • >200 MW of contracts
  • 4 of top 8 U.S. retailers in Innovari/utility capacity programs
  • 115 global employees, 200+ including contractors
  • Headquarters – Portland, Oregon
  • Manufacturing in Austin, TX and Taipei, Taiwan