Finally – demand side management solutions grid operators can trust

Even modest improvements in your load duration curve can result in large improvements in overall system utilization and reliability. The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform™ provides you with secure, cost-effective, and predictable capacity when and where you need it – not just during peak events – to optimize grid utilization. It’s a big promise, but we guarantee it.

This complete demand side solution is owned, dispatched, and verified in real-time by the utility operator.

Here’s how we deliver:

  • Surgical DSM: With solutions that provide two-way communications and real-time, verifiable load control,asteriskIcon we can guarantee capacity exactly when and where you need it – whether it’s on system-wide events to manage your entire portfolio or on a single targeted feeder to eliminate an upgrade. And we do it at a fraction of the cost of a new peaking generator, feeder reconductor, or substation upgrade.
  • Real-time and predictable capacity information: You always know how much capacity is available – forecasted out to the next day. We present this information to utility operators in a way they’re used to seeing it – via a familiar and easy-to-use interfaceasteriskIcon asteriskIcon – so they can dispatch it as confidently as they would a generator.
  • Zero customer impact: Your customers completely define and control their preferences – and can even opt out of an event – through an intuitive portal. They pre-determine their settings, which are managed automatically by our solution, so we never interrupt business operations. We even guarantee that customers’ buildings will stay within their pre-defined parameters (for example, temperature settings) to improve long-term satisfaction and confidence in you – their utility partner.
  • Improved security: The entire system is designed and built to meet the North American Electric Reliability Corporation’s Critical Infrastructure Protection (NERC-CIP) requirements.

asteriskIcon A utility-branded and utility-owned Innovari Energy Agent™ is installed at your customer’s site. It connects to their HVAC, lighting systems, large loads, distributed energy resources, and energy storage technologies and reports back important data to you, the utility, in real time.

asteriskIcon asteriskIcon Based on your system hierarchy: system, region, transmission line, substation, feeder, and/or customer site.

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