Be ready for the future of renewable & distributed energy resources

The stable, centralized power generating facilities we’ve relied on for more than a century are being supplemented by intermittent renewable and distributed energy resources – like solar, wind, gas microturbines, and even storage – and your customers are using and demanding access to them today.

The Innovari Interactive Energy Platform™ enables you to integrate diverse and geographically distributed energy resources safely, economically, and reliably.

Here’s how:

  • With the utility-owned Innovari Energy Agent™ installed on your customer’s site, you now have verifiable information about energy being used, generated, and stored at your customer’s site, in real time.
  • Our Energy Agent enables and optimizes real-time load management in buildings — including energy storage and distributed energy resources — to balance the intermittency of onsite or grid-scale renewables.
  • The Energy Agent is ready when you are to integrate multiple distributed energy resources with minimal impact to your distribution and grid systems.

We’re preparing you for a future close at hand, in partnership with your key commercial energy customers.

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