Make the most of your grid

Get more from the infrastructure you have. Utility operators around the world have been tasked to maximize asset utilization – which has historically meant running assets above their base ratings. This solves a short-term problem but reduces the life of the asset. We’ll help you maximize asset utilization safely and reliably – without having to exceed your system ratings.

You can expect to:

  • Improve service reliability: Innovari’s Grid Agent™ and Energy Agent™ give you a real-time assessment of performance – on the grid and at the individual customer site – to improve grid reliability.
  • Relieve system constraints: Our two-way, verifiable demand side management solution is optimized within your existing grid system configuration. By targeting specific feeders, substations, or individual services areas, you can cost-effectively relieve system constraints.
  • Defer infrastructure upgrades: We’ll help you manage demand in real time so you can maximize asset utilization and defer or even eliminate the need to upgrade your infrastructure – like fossil fuel-fired, carbon-emitting peaker plants; feeder re-conductors; substations; or other difficult, costly, and sometimes dangerous improvements.

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